The first one was in 2015 and this year it is on Sunday 18th March 2018


“Sadaqa Day is one day of social action. Started in 2015, this year’s will take place on Sunday 18th March”. Individuals, community groups, mosques, women’s groups, schools and individual families can all get involved. Everyone can do something small or large and become part of a wider movement of activity in different parts of the country.

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Muslim communities in the UK are reported to be among the most generous groups. Millions of pounds are raised in charity each year, much of which is utilised for important relief aid and development in other countries. Emphasis on UK giving is stronger than ever with British Muslims wanting to see their charity benefitting people closer to home.

What did people get up to on Sadaqa Day 2016?

Volunteering at Half Marathon

Cooking for homeless shelter

Children from the Islamic school did a litter pick. Volunteers marshalled and ran in the local Park Run, cooked for the local homeless shelter, planted for hospice and local neighbours and collected food for the FoodBank.

St Albans
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