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Sadaqa Day @ the Mosque

Please do get in touch by email for help, practical advice and support for any activity you are planning. Sadaqa Day is very much led by the volunteers and there is not a heavy reliance on everything being prepared and given from a central source.

We do have: t-shirts, stickers, balloons and bunting and we would love you to have some of those but our supply is fairly limited.

We can make the Sadaqa Day logo available in high quality for you so you can use that to print banners and other materials locally.

Try and find sponsors and donors who can give you a few pounds to support your local activities and make your Sadaqa Day go as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Please be in touch on the form below requesting the items you would like and we will come back to you with a quick reply.

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Sadaqa Day is a day of social action